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About us

DACK has built an international network dedicated to one purpose:

Improving the speed, reliability, and ease of sourcing commodities in the global agribusiness.

Whether you’re buyer or seller, DACK has the tools to optimize every step of the transactional process and always makes sure to stay ahead of industry trends.

By joining our partner list you’re not only positioning your agribusiness for success, you’re becoming part of a game-changing paradigm.

Our culture


Reputation is our priority. DACK’s success will always be a reflection of our ideals and values. Reputation lies in the fact that they are essential for credibility, maintaining long-term relationships with clients, colleagues, and the wider community.


Hard work is essential to our business. Persevere in the face of challenges and obstacles, building confidence. We aim to deliver.


Guiding our efforts. DACK knows its goals and will strive to achieve them.


DACK is all about building long lasting relationships and providing value. We keep our buyers and sellers happy going the extra mile.

Our Global Presence

We have coverage in many countries, ensuring that our buyers and sellers get the best service.

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Meet our team

Amira Kaddour

Operations Specialist

Triet Vo

Operations Specialist

Kamelia Chenouf

Operations Specialist

Oliver Perono

Operations Specialist

Fadia Namouni

Operations Specialist

Mario Molina

Operations Manager

Ninoska Peña

Operations Specialist

Catalina Zambrano

Senior Operations Coordinator

Leonardo Balmaceda

Operations Specialist

Michael Useche

Operations Specialist

David Lee

Commercial Executive

Katie Tran

Commercial Executive

Lisa Tran

Commercial Executive

Harshit Khera

Commercial Executive

Michael Tadesse

Commercial Executive

Daniela Valencia

Commercial Executive

Veronica Restrepo

Commercial Executive

Helly Lam

Commercial Executive

Antonio Scotto

Comercial Executive

Laura Espitia

Data Manager

Mahmoud Abo El Dahab

Senior Data Analyst

Umi Tran

Data Analyst

Antía León

Business Specialist