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Our ability to constantly and effectively monitor the agricultural market is the heart of our added value. DACK’s commercial department is the core of our business, and it is through this transnational network of buyers and sellers that we’ve placed ourselves in a prime position to deliver top-tier market insights and commercial solutions.

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Needlessly complex regulations and requirements slowing down your company? DACK can handle all the operational stuff so you can go ahead and focus on growing your business. Say goodbye to the mounds of paperwork, the guidelines for agricultural commodities, the wasted time that could’ve been better spent.

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Laura Espitia

Data Manager

Laura plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our data team operates seamlessly across departments, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency, enabling us to make informed decisions that drive our business forward.

With her exceptional analytical skills and deep understanding of data management, she guarantee the accuracy of our data, empowering us to make strategic choices with confidence and unlock new opportunities for growth. Her unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality data and her ability to align data strategies with organizational goals make her essential to our team.

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