DACK deals in a vast array of elite agricultural items.


From spices and nuts to grains, pulses, and sugar.

DACK is here for you.

DACK provides your agribusiness with market analysis, as well as step-by-step assistance with the headaches of sourcing, processing, storing, quality control, and shipping.

Our products around the world

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We source 22 different nut types from a variety of major international origins.

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Have a need for seeds? DACK is here to help.

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DACK offers high quality feed at competitive prices.

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Don’t compromise on quality. Our starch selection is only sourced from top sellers.

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DACK sources sugar from over 15 international origins.

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We provide not only grains but a large variety of other products.

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We take pride in providing top-quality spices from cinnamon and cumin, to more exotic options such as cloves and turmeric.

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A work of top tier sourcing, we’re incredibly proud of our grain coverage.

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From beans and peas to lentils and popcorn, we’ve got it all.

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