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Your Trusted Broker

DACK makes buying and selling international agricultural products easier, faster, and more efficient for both sides of every transaction. As global brokers, we specialize in helping facilitate smoother, stress-free negotiations that leave buyers and sellers pleased.

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We are in communication daily with buyers around the world, updating them with market movements, prices, supply and demand. Our close relationships and consistency are preferred by buyers which gives prioritize us in receiving bids and confirming businesses.


Our global sourcing team has the accessibility in getting real time market insights and indications in a timely and accurate manner. We are constantly talking with sellers, updating them on local demand and offers. We receive an exponential amount of market data, indications and offers on a daily basis for most agri-commodities from around the world.


World class operations handled by our global team with excellency in executing contracts, managing logistics, solving claims and collecting payments. Sellers and buyers appreciate the DACK operations team as it facilitates trading and ensures its smooth and safe.