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Making a difference in the world of agribusiness

Brokers you can count on

DACK is a global agricultural broker that connects buyers and sellers of pulses, animal feed, coffee, seeds, spices, grains, and nuts.


Source and sell over 200 types of commodities


DACK makes it easier to buy and sell global agricultural products.

Global Access

The global agricultural market is constantly evolving. DACK combines speed and efficiency with quality to ensure that you get what you need, exactly when you need it.

Through a comprehensive international network of sellers, we can connect you to over 200 different commodities, each with the relevant certificates required for their end destination.

We also monitor trends and movements in the global agricultural market and liaise with transport, shipping, and insurance companies to ensure the smooth facilitation of every transaction.


With unbeatable access to an international selection of hundreds of varieties of chosen agricultural products at our disposal, DACK makes sourcing competitively priced items from across the globe easier than ever before.

From pulses and seeds to spices and coffee, we are recognized throughout the industry for our efficient, cost-effective agribusiness product sourcing expertise.


Import/export is rarely as simple as connecting interested buyers and qualified sellers – there are logistical factors to consider, piles of paperwork to fill out, and emerging industry trends to monitor.

We help buyers and sellers with all of that. From negotiation to post-contract support, we specialize in setting up transactions that benefit both parties and leave everyone happy.